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Dear colleagues,
The calendar marked August, so we have a very short time until «Back-To-School». Now it is very important to start the new Academic year with something NEW in the Modern Knowledge World!
For this purpose, Edu Future 7W® Education Platform created the biggest in the world collection of Case-courses (500 items) for different ages, themes and languages. They are packed in super modern suitable online format, and much better than ordinary lessons.
The students from more than 20 countries enjoy it and get wonderful results. They accept knowledge deeper, faster and memorize for longer.
Students say: At least we have what we need «7 in 1»: knowledge, practice, erudition, competences, understanding, motivation and pleasure!
To date, the most popular case-lessons are: «Water», «Credit Card», «Smartphone», «Oil», «Energy», «Blockchain», «Cats», etc… You can see one of them (Smartphone) For Free.
Have a look on the 7W® Case-lessons and choose a suitable case-lesson or a case-package and plan it for the current month and for the whole school year.
For the «Back-To-School» there is a Special Offer! The best cases for the reduced price until 20 Sep 2018.
Enjoy smart and useful studies in a modern and captivating format and you will see how much more successful you will be.
Do not hesitate to ask questions. Feel free to share it with teachers and students in your network.
We are looking forward for further cooperation in using Innovative-learning materials.
Vladimir Spivakovsky, Ph.D
President of Edu Future 7W® Corporation
[email protected]