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For parents

If your child cannot go to the school for different reasons or you want to make your child interested in a topic - use 7W® case-lessons!

They are specially designed to make learning easy, exciting, not requiring special explanations from adults. The topics are revealed using both fundamental background specific practical examples and contribute to the fact that the child can independently study school material on several subjects at once, enjoy the process and the result

This unique content will also help to use technology for development and learning, not just for games. If your child spends a lot of time using computer, introduce 7W case-lessons to him or her!

What is the result?

Thanks to a large amount of practical material, references and assignments, case lessons motivate students to learn, find connections between school knowledge and its application in real life. Through this process knowledge is absorbed quickly and easily. This encourages children for continuous learning and getting further knowledge of the world!


“I showed my 15-year-old son a case-lesson about drones and did not expect that he would be so carried away by them! And, most surprisingly, my son improved his knowledge in Physics and took a great interest in technology. He doesn`t spend much time just surfing the net, he uses his tablet to search and study information about drones and technology of their production. I am glad that my son has some enthusiastic adherents with whom he can communicate about the topics he is interested in. I am very glad that the case lesson helped my son find interest in studies and get a new hobby!

(Irina Dolganova, mother of a 9th grade pupil)

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For Teachers and Schools

Why are case courses and case lessons unique and useful?

Сase based courses and case-lessons use the unique 7W methodology that allows students to study interdisciplinary educational material together with simultaneous practice of such competencies as communication, teamwork, planning and organizing, creativity, accountability, continuous learning, technological awareness.

The 7W methodology and the materials are designed on the principles of interdisciplinary study of objects, phenomena and concepts in a combination of fundamental knowledge, practical examples and application of knowledge in practice.

Thanks to the compound perception and material processing a unique result 7 in 1 is achieved: knowledge, understanding, practice, creative transformation, competence, motivation and pleasure!

Why and how should they be applied?

The case-lessons can be used at all types of schools from the 1st to the final grades, because they are universal, multifunctional and compatible with the school curriculums in general. They allow to learn and teach the educational material in an interesting and fascinating way.

The case-lessons are extremely helpful for blended, adaptive, inquiry-based, expeditionary, project and personalized learning, for practicing of differentiated instruction, "flipped classroom" and other teaching methods. In fact, a case-lesson is a ready-made integrated, innovative lesson, which can be conducted right now!

The case-lessons 7W can be used for thematic days, soft skills trainings and practicing such competencies as critical and analytical thinking, communication, argumentation, creative thinking and innovation.

What is the result?

Thanks to a large amount of both fundamental and practical materials, references and assignments, the case-lessons activate students' interest in continuous learning, finding connections between school knowledge and its application in real life.

  • 82% of teachers believe that the case-lessons are the best material for multidisciplinary modules and interdisciplinary lessons;
  • 67% of students note that the case-lessons help them to master the material better and apply the gained knowledge in practice;
  • 59% of parents note the increased involvement of children in the learning process as a result of the case lessons application.


“My students really liked the themed lesson “Jeans”. It turned out that the simple and well-known item of clothes that we wear every day is not that simple!

Here in the classroom we got a lot of new knowledge from different areas - fashion, business, art, as well as in such subjects as Chemistry, History and Geography. The children were delighted with the opportunity not only to learn new things and get useful, practical knowledge, but also to show some designer`s skills by upgrading their old jeans.

(Ann Marsh, a history teacher and a class tutor).

Case-lessons helped our class to conduct the best and the most fascinating thematic lesson at our school! For me, as a teacher, it was very nice to see genuine interest and involvement of my students!

These case-lessons are one of the best tools for motivating to study and creativity!“

(Svetlana Artemenko, a biology teacher at Secondary school).

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For Language Studies

The case-lessons are very effective in learning foreign languages for students of any age. The educational material contains many practical examples, links, connections to real phenomena and events, which are close to real life. This makes the process of learning fascinating, interesting and practical.

Instead of typical bookish texts for reading, retelling and discussion, use the case-lessons! You will get lively, interesting material that can be effectively used for reading, rehearsal and description, as well as for substantiating the participants' points of view, dialogues, questions-answers, discussion, independent and individual group works, inquiry and homework.

What is the result?

When learning a foreign language using “live" material, students are more motivated, involved and free to express themselves in the learning process.

In contrast to conventional methods the 7W one gives qualitative and effective results:

83% of students in foreign language courses believe that the case-lessons increase effectiveness of practical classes;

67% of teachers note that the use of the case-lessons are more effective than traditional methods of teaching foreign languages and increases motivation of both teachers and students;

case lessons provide the best results in speaking and group activities.


“The first case lesson I used in my English course was “Cats and cats mania” (we were studying the topic about pets). I haven`t seen such a lively activity, enthusiastic participants and interesting dialogues for a long time!

Now I constantly use cases in my practice, because they give very good results! It is also very important for me to receive excellent feedback from the participants about my lessons and about me, as a professional and a teacher with whom it is interesting to co-operate!"

(Anna Kuznetsova, English teacher)

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For Homeschoolers

The 7W technology helps parents teach their children at home effectively and according to individual needs and interests.

The case-lessons are compatible with the school curriculum and specifically designed to make the process of learning interesting, easy, fun and not requiring special explanations from adults. The topics of the case-lessons are revealed in the context of several academic disciplines using specific practical examples. This contributes to the fact that the children can study the school material independently and enjoy the process and the result.

The 7W case-lessons technology is a great tool to keephigh level home schooling and distance learning!

What is the result?

Thanks to a large amount of practical material, references and assignments, case lessons motivate students to learn, find connections between school knowledge and its application in real life. Through this process knowledge is absorbed quickly and easily. This encourages children for continuous learning and getting further knowledge of the world!


“My daughter does not go to school, but it does not prevent her from studying well and learning the material well. In many respects this is possible because of the case-lessons that we apply in our home schooling.

Using a case-lesson strategy my daughter was able to master independently even such complex material as antigravity. The case-lessons allow her to study independently a lot of materials using practical examples and finding additional information. I see that she is interested in the education process and enjoys self-studying. For me, as a parent who made a decision to take her out of school, it's important and very valuable!”

(Mikaela Smith, mother of a 6-grade distance learning pupil)

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For Students

The 7W® case-lessons are designed to make your learning fun, easy and enjoyable. The case-lessons contain a lot of interesting information about phenomena, people and events, which are studied through different school subjects. The case-lessons will help to understand the school material better, choose examples or topics for projects, abstracts, independent works.

And, of course, they will help learn better and get excellent marks!

What is the result?

Learning with the help of the case-lessons is a fascinating and interesting process that gives 2 in 1 result: knowledge of school subjects and ability to apply this knowledge in practice. Learning with the help of the 7W® case-lessons is easy and fun!


“I love the case lessons and they help me to understand what we learn at school better. They are very interesting and not tiresome. They have a lot of photos, videos and infographics. I also like to find information not for school subjects. For example, Halloween case-lesson helped me to make a cool costume on my own, and the nutrition case-lesson helped me understand why it's important to eat healthily and what kind of food will help to keep fit without any diets. Cases are generally very interesting, even without connection to the school material!”

(Maria Fridman, student, 15 y.o.)

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