What is a case lesson?

A case lesson is a sequence of knowledge that is united by the study of a certain phenomenon, and where different knowledge elements are combined into a single puzzle, showing a multidimensional picture of the phenomenon under consideration.

For example, in this case “Feeling of Fear” there are 5 sweeps connected in a circle by “bridges”. Thus, one type of knowledge smoothly flows into another type of knowledge.

Emotional intelligence – In Anatomy. Anatomy – in Health. Health – In Literature. Literature – In Zoology.

In addition, along the way, children master such competencies as "self-control", "positive thinking", emotionality, "stress resistance".

As a result, children have a holistic picture of what Fear is and how easy it is to overcome. This is the point of the case study.

The main advantage of the Case Lesson is that in them phenomena and things are considered holistically. They simultaneously intertwine: knowledge, competencies, emotions, formulas, hard skills, soft skills, logical thinking, critical and associative thinking.

As a result, learning and mastering knowledge is easier, faster, more exciting, remembered for a long time and the result of learning becomes much more effective.

Case lessons are the opposite of ordinary specialized school subjects that show only one facet of phenomena and things (physics, literature, geography, etc.).

Case-lessons in the world are spreading more and more, especially in Finland (phenomenon-based learning), the USA (there it is called case-study), as they contribute to the development of systemic and deep thinking in children, and the study itself is turned from boring and of little use to interesting and efficient.

Cases organically intertwine the main things that life consists of today: technology, feelings, science, culture, business, psychology, health, computer science, globalism, media and communications.

Thanks to switching attention from one scan to another, the child does not get tired, he has a wonderful replacement of "dark-heavy thoughts" with positive-active ones. Thus, with him, new knowledge turns into a beautiful symphony, and not into playing on one string, as happens with school subjects.

Each case lesson contains 2-3 videos, 5-10 sweeps, 10-15 infographic slides, 3-5 simple tasks for time, memory and mental acuity, 1-2 tests.

How does case lesson combine Hard skills and Soft skills?

What is an efficiency of case lessons?

Why case lessons beneficial for teachers?

The education Content – is a King and a Queen of modern education system. So, their Majesties we see in the integrated case lessons.