Nice Child
Problems with your child? Here is the solution!

If something is wrong with the child, and it bothers, then what are the options?

1. Do nothing, let it be as it will be. Okay, fine.

2. Carry out some educational work with the child. Also an option...

3. Take the child to a psychologist. Perfectly...

4. Let the child read a book about, relatively speaking, Pinocchio or watch a movie about One at Home.

5. Study some case-lessons about physics, chemistry, blogging, drones, smartphone, snowflakes... And get some extra motivation, switch attention to something more interesting and useful that promotes personal growth.

How can we increase the level of good qualities of the child? Self-organization, kindness, purposefulness, creativity, sociability, cleverness, etc.?
On the other hand, your child is selfish and he has problems with communication or he is not attentive and has no motivation for studying, so there is a special program of artificial intelligence Ai-7W, which can issue a recipe-solution for your child.
You will quickly see how the conducting of fascinating case-lessons will affect the upgrade of your child's personal growth.
Your child will get better.