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Unique and interactive case lessons which are
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Structure of Сase lessons

Topics Ages Languages PTSD special
Nature   Elementary school     English Posttraumatic Stress
Disorder case-lessons.
  International Project
to provide health
improvement to
children which
suffered from the
 and violence.
 (Serios consists
of 10 case-lessons).    
World   Economics Middle school  Ukrainian
 Society High school  Others  
Human being     

You can subscribe to any 1 case lesson for $10 each (per year/per student).
Or subscribe in full (70 cases in English and more in other languages) to all case lessons for a reduced price of only $25 for all.

Case-lessons solve your problems!

  • They give more knowledge in less time.
  • They focus attention on the right knowledge and necessary skills.
  • With them students never get tired.
  • A lot of teachers, parents and students use integrated cases at school, or as homeschooling, or online.

Choose your favorite case, and you will see how interesting lesson can be in the 21st century!
Each case 7 W contains topics and materials that fully correlate with the school curriculum. The most important thing is that they can motivate students and plug them in. Enjoy studying and you’ll see your upgrading!

Case lessons

Case-lessons – similar to STEAM, very popular for its modern and suitable format. They reflect phenomenon-based learning and contain fundamental knowledge and soft skills simultaneously.


The most fashionable in the 21st century is a diffusion and synergy of academic knowledge and soft skills. The only approach to achieve both goals is to implement interactive case-lessons. You just look at the list of these skills and you will see the most important values, that you expect and get from the school.

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The Case Fan Club is a community of progressive teachers and parents
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The Map of spread of case-lessons in the world and in Ukraine

This map shows countries that apply case-lessons. Just at this very moment, this map can be replenished with one or more countries in which students take case-lessons at 7W® EduFuture educational platform.

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