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7 Wonders of education

One of the wonders is a unique and interactive case-lesson which is at the cutting edge of methodology in 2022.

Case-lessons solve your problems!

How? They give more knowledge in less time. They focus attention on the right knowledge and necessary skills. With them students never get tired. A lot of teachers, parents and students use integrated cases at school, or as homeschooling, or online.

Choose your favorite case, and you will see how interesting lesson can be in the 21st century!
Each case 7 W contains topics and materials that fully correlate with the school curriculum. The most important thing is that they can motivate students and plug them in. Enjoy studying and you’ll see your upgrading!

Nice Child
Problems with your child? Here is the solution!

If something is wrong with the child, and it bothers, then what are the options?

1. Do nothing, let it be as it will be. Okay, fine.

2. Carry out some educational work with the child. Also an option...

3. Take the child to a psychologist. Perfectly...

4. Let the child read a book about, relatively speaking, Pinocchio or watch a movie about One at Home.

5. Study some case-lessons about physics, chemistry, blogging, drones, smartphone, snowflakes... And get some extra motivation, switch attention to something more interesting and useful that promotes personal growth.

How can we increase the level of good qualities of the child? Self-organization, kindness, purposefulness, creativity, sociability, cleverness, etc.?
On the other hand, your child is selfish and he has problems with communication or he is not attentive and has no motivation for studying, so there is a special program of artificial intelligence Ai-7W, which can issue a recipe-solution for your child.
You will quickly see how the conducting of fascinating case-lessons will affect the upgrade of your child's personal growth.
Your child will get better.

Look how easy it is!

Children like disassembling toys, so give them that opportunity by doing it again and again with a Smartphone, credit card, splitting water and food through vectors of Maths, Chemistry, Business, Art, Physics or other sciences. When children disassemble a case-lesson several times, they are simultaneously acquiring academic knowledge and useful practical skills. Case technology works wonders in a productive way instilling the will for studying and achieving goals.

Join the International Case-lessons Fan Club!

Most fans of innovative 7W case-lessons have already teamed up at the Case Fan Club to discuss lessons,
get the latest information, share their experiences, photos and videos.

The Case Fan Club is a community of progressive teachers and parents
who will share not only their experience, but also innovative ideas.

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These books became already bestsellers, because they are devoted to the goal of creating the perfect education systems - as a dream of many generations. They are written in easy language, full of aphorisms and fine illustrations. They are a real manual for teacher's usefulness, student's relief, savings for governments and inspiration to clever people.
The Education Blast

How to crack the Education system from the bottom and organize a breakthrough to the future.

Atlas of the Perfect Education System

Everything progressive in education industry is systematized and generalized here. This Atlas is irreplaceable. It “must have” every school, family, university, researcher, policy maker, teacher and principal.

The Map of spread of case-lessons in the world and in Ukraine

This map shows countries that apply case-lessons. Just at this very moment, this map can be replenished with one or more countries in which students take case-lessons at 7W® EduFuture educational platform.

7W ® facts of what is on the way:

Always fresh knowledge









21st century Formula:
More knowledge in less time.


The most fashionable in the 21st century is a diffusion and synergy of academic knowledge and soft skills. The only approach to achieve both goals is to implement interactive case-lessons. You just look at the list of these skills and you will see the most important values, that you expect and get from the school.
Implementation of the interactive case-lessons and case courses is the only way of achieving these goals. There are more than 100 competencies within the integrated lessons among which you can chose all the necessary competencies and case-lessons for your child by annual subscription for special reduced price.

Education Reforms

If you ask, ‘Can education system become perfect’?
There is an answer: Yes, of course.

Here you can see magical solutions, that lead to the perfect education system. Because they respond on the main challenges and expectations of all kids, parents and educators.

Indeed, this is very important to have comprehensive answers:

1. Why should students learn?

2. What should be the content then?

3. Where to learn (not only in the school!)

4. HoW to learn?

5. Who will teach?

6. HoW much should education cost and who will pay?

7. What results should we expect "at the end of the day"?

You can see the answers in cases and in the book "The Education Blast".

Start with case-lessons and you will see how much your school life will change.

Our motto is: The best education for all kids!